We produce a wide range of herbs that are freshly cut, washed and processed. Our nationwide distribution supply the finest, fresh herbs to many parts of Scotland, England and Wales.

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Red Deer Herbs Ltd established in 1986 the company has concentrated on processing herbs and related crops to the highest quality standards for the UK food industry.

herbs grown locally in worcesterWe pride ourselves in our rapid response to requests for help, advice and samples. We are continually looking at ways to improve our product and meet our customer's needs within this fast evolving industry Located in Worcestershire.

We have easy distribution access nationwide, ensuring an efficient, rapid service to its clients. We apply Good Agricultural Practice, Integrated Crop Management and Sustainable Low-Risk Production, Quality systems and HACCP procedures.

Our Herbs are grown to unparalleled standards of excellence by growers who really care about quality Crops, protected from environmental factors, nurtured in hygienic conditions, harvested at optimum moment for maximum flavour, are transported rapidly to the factory site under temperature controlled conditions from our own land…. or from half-way round the world.

herbs and leaves from our rangeIncomparable value

We believe our products offer incomparable quality and value for money. The care we take, the precautions we can demonstrate, all go towards ensuring that, our client can have a safe secure and sustainable supply of the finest quality herbs.

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Traditional Values, Modern Technologies