Fresh Herb Supplier

" - Supplying the finest quality fresh herbs across the nation".

Our fresh herbs are grown to unparalleled standards of excellence by growers who really care about the quality of herbs and salad leaves.

Crops, protected from environmental factors
Nurtured in hygienic conditions

Harvested at the optimum moment for maximum flavour
Nationwide delivery network

Why does our herb growing and production offer the best quality and value?

Our mission is to ensure that our clients can have a safe, secure and sustainable supply of the finest quality herbs.

Our rapid response to requests for help, samples and advice are something we pride ourselves with.

We continually looking at ways to improve our herb and salad growing produce in this fast evolving industry located in Worcestershire

Our fresh herbs and salad range are produced to the order of our clients. Intensive planning and great skill are required to produce the finest herbs on demand. Controlling production from seed to finished product. This means we can achieve unsurpassed quality and service for our herb and salad leaf products..

We believe our products offer incomparable quality and value for money. The care we take, the precautions we can demonstrate, all go towards ensuring that, our client can have a safe secure and sustainable supply of the finest quality herbs.

We are continually looking at ways to improve our product and meet our customer's needs within this fast evolving industry Located in Worcestershire.

Cut and chopped herbs to specific sizes from the bulk of our production. We have the capacity to produce fine milled frozen to 12mm fresh. A puree to a free running sprinkleable fresh herb garnish, with very low microbe counts.

Working with our clients companies

We work closely with New Product Development (NPD) personnel within our client companies to ensure that new dishes incorporate herbs that are excellent value, of the finest quality - all of the time and available for production at launch date. Sampling, trialling to production and launch.

Nationwide supplier of fresh herbs

We have easy distribution access nationwide, ensuring an efficient and rapid service to our clients..