We produce a wide range of herbs that are freshly cut, washed and processed. Our nationwide distribution supply the finest, fresh herbs to many parts of Scotland, England and Wales.

Salad leaves

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Fresh, washed and processed salad leaves that are farmed, packaged and distributed all across the UK

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Rocket has small, dark leaves with a peppery, mustard like flavour

If required


Tender, sweet leaves with a mild flavour

If required


Watercress has a wonderful peppery flavour

If required


Piquant, mild peppery flavour, slightly spicy

If required

Pea tops

Delightful concentrated sweet pea taste

If required

Red Chard

Red Chard is similar but stronger than spinach Slightly bitter

If required

Bulls Blood

Sweet when young, more bittersweet with age

If required

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Delivering Quality and value with all our herb products

Herbs and salad leaves are protected from environmental factors.
Our Herbs are Nurtured from seed to harvest in hygienic conditions.
Harvested at the optimum moment for maximum flavour
Rapidly transported under temperature controlled conditions from our land.
Nationwide temperature controlled delivery network



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