Fresh herbs, grown in worcester, distributed nationwide.

Fresh, washed, processed and ready to eat herbs and leaves,  farmed in worcester, distributed throughout the UK. We produce a wide range of herbs that are freshly cut, washed and processed. Our nationwide distribution supply fresh herbs to many parts of Scotland, England and Wales. Contact us for more info.


Technical Information


Stringent procedures for the finest herbs

High quality ingredients for the finest food..

Our herbs are produced to the order of our clients. Given that they have to be grown and harvested, producing herbs on demand requires intensive planning and great skill. Most of our production being from our own resources, we deliberately plan to integrate our sales with farm production and the forecast requirements of our clients. This way we can achieve unsurpassed quality of product and service, controlling production from seed to finished product.
Cut and chopped herbs to specific sizes form the bulk of our production. We have the capacity to produce fine milled frozen to 12mm fresh. A puree to a free running sprinkleable fresh herb garnish - with very low microbe counts.
We work closely with New Product Development (NPD) personnel within our client companies to ensure that new dishes incorporate herbs that are excellent value, of the finest quality - all of the time and available for production at launch date. Sampling, trialling to production and launch..

Heat-treated herbs for Biosecure Products.

Our finest grown herbs
We have developed a method of heat treatment of fresh herbs, which destroys bacteria, yeasts and moulds, and extends shelf life. Currently available for all of our frozen products we have developed this technique to allow fresh garnishes to be used on high-risk dishes and as ingredients in microbiologically sensitive situations. This process adds insignificantly to the cost of the product when the benefits are taken into consideration. Also enhances colour

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