Herb and leaf products 

harvested at the optimum moment,
for maximum flavour
Herb and leaf products 
that are cultivated and harvested
using the latest technologies.
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Fresh herbs and salad leaves grown in Worcestershire 
and distributed nationwide.

basil leaves
Fresh, washed, processed and ready to eat herbs and leaves. 
We produce a wide range of herbs that are freshly cut, washed and processed. We distribute nationwide and supply fresh herbs and leaves to many parts of Scotland, England and Wales. 
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Technical Excellence

Based on a balance of customer demand and market forecasting, our herb and leaf products are grown, cultivated and harvested for optimum freshness and flavour.
We supply and distribute customised herb products, using state-of-the-art production facilities to provide cut and chopped herbs to specific sizes, from fine-milled  to 12mm fresh, puree or sprinkle-able, with low microbe counts.
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About us 

Established in 1986, Red Deer Herbs Ltd has concentrated on processing herbs and related crops to the highest quality and  standards for the UK food industry.
Red Deer herbs Ltd Head Office Pershore Worcestershire
We pride ourselves in our rapid response to requests for help, advice and samples. 

Through our research and development department we continually look at ways to refine our processes, improve our product and meet our customer's needs within this fast evolving industry.
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Why Choose us 

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Full traceability.with our supply chain allows us to deliver consistent produce..  
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From farm to fork, our produce is  temperature controlled at all stages to deliver outstanding taste. 
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Incomparable value
We believe our products offer incomparable quality and value for money.
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Our Nationwide Distribution Network provides a safe, secure and sustainable supply.
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Fresh Herbs Supplied All Year Round

Our commitment to using the latest technologies and sourcing from the best farms both locally and abroad, ensures that we can provide you with the freshest and most flavourful herbs all year round.
We ensure that the farms we source from follow identical strict standards for quality and sustainability as our own farms allowing us to maintain the consistency, taste and quality of our products.
01386 750 734
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